Payment links should bypass all ordering limitations




  • Official comment
    Jack Cravy

    Hey Colin, we've recently launched this feature in 2023.1


  • Travis Musgrave

    Hey Colin - can you share some examples of situations where you are creating orders without item costs, quantity and the other minimum restrictions you're encountering?

  • colin


    for example, I have a customer who I met at a trade show, I'd like to sell her a few starter items for her to sell in her store, since we spoke in person and i'm taking the order manually, I'd like to be able to pick any quantity I want to sell to her outside the minimum restrictions I impose on organic orders.

    or perhaps I split an order due to something being back-ordered, but I dont want to charge the customer for the items until they ship, the split order is below the minimum total order value, and/or the items in the order dont satisfy the minimum qty, but they did in the original pre-split order. 

    but after all, the owner of the store should be able to override any limitation don't you think? Maybe I just want to go above and beyond for a potentially valuable customer so I want to override limitations on their order to make them feel special. haha.


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