Zonos (& Avalara?) Duty/VAT Lookup Integration




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    Jack Cravy

    Joshua, you drove this one home - thank you for championing this effort! Our conversations with Zonos had a leg up with a customer ready to use the feature if adopted. This will be available in our upcoming release.


  • Joshua Artman

    Bummer, the Free Zonos API seems to have been taken down since I posted this request.  

    We recently heard that Canada is considering requiring GST/HST to be pre-collected for shipments inbound from out of the country if you ship over a certain volume of product into Canada, sort of like the UK and EU have done for VAT.  Canada is already requiring this as of July 1 2021 for companies that sell digital products or dropship from a warehouse that is located in Canada: https://www.salestaxinstitute.com/resources/sales-tax-changes-canada-eu

    So this may soon be needed for companies that ship into Canada.

  • Joshua Artman

    Our UPS rep informed us that if AmeriCommerce were integrated with Zonos, the ups technology program would pay for our monthly fees for Zonos.

  • Dammon R Burden

    Great system. I would be interested in this.

  • Doug Thistlethwaite

    I am in need of this functionality as well.  How do we make it happen?

  • Joshua Artman

    I have been in negotiations with Zonos and UPS, and Zonos is working with us to use our UPS Digital Funds to pay for them to integrate with Cart.com/AmeriCommerce.  They are currently estimating about 12 weeks before they are ready for us to start testing the integration.

    We did find out that if you use the UPS technology program to pay for your monthly fees for Zonos, UPS requires that you only ship internationally through UPS (UPS Worldwide / UPS Mail Innovations) while they are paying those fees.

    If you choose to go with Zonos Landed Cost Guaranteed (https://zonos.com/landed-cost-guarantee) you can choose to have the Zonos fees wrapped into what is quoted to/paid for by the customer.


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