Live Estimated Delivery / Product level Lead Time Override




  • Travis Musgrave

    Hey Josh - this is on the roadmap. You'll be able to display live rates on Product Details Page (PDP) and checkout based on your lead time (2 days), preferred carrier (USPS or another) and delivery method (Priority Mail or another).

  • Joshua Artman

    Will the update include:

     set lead time override on a product level

    Most items ship next business day, so we want 1 day lead time to be our default, but certain items have  longer lead times. 

  • Joshua Artman

    It would also be convenient if the lead time could be set at the warehouse level. 

    We have a handful of warehouses we dropship from that build to order. One of those warehouses (custom upholstery manufacturer) has a 6 month lead time currently (partially COVID caused) and several others are 3-7 day lead time.  But for those warehouses, that lead time affects all products that ship from that warehouse.

  • Joshua Artman

    Is there any update on this?  We have started getting a lot more customer requests for more specific delivery estimates.


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