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Hide item cost on Order Edit page




  • John Beech

    This requests makes perfect sense, Kathy.

    And Alex, I agree with you 100% for the exact same reason you succinctly put forth.

    If I could just get the ability to have signature confirmation be an option when customers are checking out I'd be in tall cotton. Requested it 6 months ago but no movement on this front. Have customers in known bad neighborhoods and they themselves are asking me for the option. Shipworks says no problem, need Americommerce to do their bit. Anyway, have any luck getting a developer response/coversation going?

    Only other issue we have is our products numbers are more important in the grnand scheme of things than product names - but - we don't know of any way to sort by product numbers, it just doesn't work. anybody have this issue? Or have an idea of how to search and sort by product number (SKU)?

  • Kathy Sechrist

    John - I agree with signature confirmation!!  I added a custom field to do this, but there's no way to make the customer pay for it, so I simply pad all shipping charges a little to pay for those shipments that require confirmation.  It would be soooo much better if it was an option that the customer could choose - and pay for!  Do you have a suggestion posted for this? Give me the link and I will throw it a vote!!

    Item search is horrible in the backend, but I can easily sort by item number  - how are you trying the sort that doesn't work?

  • Kathy Sechrist

    FYI - Support told me they're working on a way to hide costs on the order edit page - hopefully to be released soon!  YAY!

  • John Beech

    Hi Kathy,

    So I type AUD00 in the search box, what returns is in this order . . .















    . . . and if I click on the header to sort from low-to-high, or high-to-low, the entire search disappears!

    And in the alternative, if, still on the back end, I then from

    1. Click to open Catalog > Products

    2. Click to open Search Options

    3. Then in the second box, ItemNr, type AUD00 (expecting it to return range of AUD0000 - AUD0099)

    What is returned - what it finds instead of the search above, begins with . . .











    . . .  and it's a totally different sort. And oddly enough, on this search, now it seems to be putting them in order based on sort order because after the first three, which are sort order 0, the rest are sort order of 1.

    But again, the search disappears if you try to sort high-to-low or low-to-high. Flummoxed.


  • Kathy Sechrist

    "But again, the search disappears if you try to sort high-to-low or low-to-high. Flummoxed."


    Have you had support look at this? I just tried the advanced search on the back end, and entered EG as the item number to search for (I have about 200 items with this prefix) and it seemed to return them all. The sort was wrong though, so I clicked the ItemNr header and it sorted them correctly. Something must be wrong with your site!

    But I did just learn something frustrating - I have this line of products on sale at the moment, and I used pricing rules instead of a discount rule. This is the first time I've used pricing rules this way, but I've realized I need to do this to get items to import to Quickbooks at the price they were sold at, instead of the regular price with a discount line added at the bottom.  Anyway, the pricing rules did some funky things that I had to overcome, and now I see that in this search, ALL of the items are showing 0.00 as the price!

  • John Beech

    Yes, I've mentioned it to Rodney. SO far, nothing.

    Regarding the insurance and signature confirmation, I've also mentioned it to Rodney.

    Recently I Bcced Jeff (Sales Manager) into the conversation with a customer who inquired about insurance (self aware wolf type). But that was just this morning so we'll see what comes of it.

    Meanwhile, I have downloaded Shopify to play with. Seems silly for Americommerce to lose a long time customer like us (maybe 5 years) over the lack of check boxes in the checkout process (seriously, check boxes for insurance and signatures is difficult for a database to handle?) but this is where we are.

    What other carts have you used? Since 1998 this is our 4th and we had hoped our last. Longest we went was 9 years before they folded, so not voluntary on our part. I suspect shopping carts are a dog eat dog business, but I'm in a dog eat dog business, also, you?

    I'm - or - 407-302-3361 if you ever want to shoot the bull about shopping carts.

  • Kathy Sechrist


    I just got the latest site update, and it has a new User setting : View Item Cost in Order Edit

    They're all checked by default apparently, but I just went through and unchecked it on most of my staff - and I'm doing the happy dance!!


  • Kathy Sechrist

    Quoting John:

    "Seems silly for Americommerce to lose a long time customer like us (maybe 5 years) over the lack of check boxes in the checkout process (seriously, check boxes for insurance and signatures is difficult for a database to handle?) but this is where we are."

    I agree. I've been with Americommerce for a VERY long time (since 2008 or 2009?). I had 2 others before this - Network Solutions, and now I can't even remember the name of the other one (it was nearly 20 years ago).  I've also done some work on a friend's website that uses Ecwid (they're AWFUL)

    I don't even remember much about Network Solutions cart, because it was so long ago, but I remember why I left. They had a major network breach, affecting ALL of my customers, exposing credit card details and the works, and they sat on the info for nearly 3 months before letting their customers know. I was LIVID - much more by the fact that they sat on it for so long than the fact that they were breached. By contrast, in all the years I've been with AC, there's been one minor breach - it affected only a tiny handful of my customers, and AC notified me almost immediately.

    The sad part - when I left NS, I found AC, a small company from Texas and very much looking like a trailblazer. They had all kinds of stuff that other carts could not touch - lots of ways to customize, remote carting, import/export TONS of info, etc. At the time, I couldn't have been happier. Then they upgraded their platform and I was reluctant to move up (I think I was nearly the last customer to do so - and they had to drag me kicking and screaming.)  I lost all kinds of functionality that I used all the time - but I gained a photo editor that I would NEVER use. SMH.  Here's my suspicion:  They lost some very talented employees while SparkPay owned it, and those talents never came back. Sad.

  • John Beech

    Here's the feature request to add insurance and signature confirmation.

    >f the customer is presented the option to add insurance and signature confirmation check boxes, and don', then the monkey is shifted off my back if the package is lost. And if they check the boxes, they pony up for insurance and signature confirmation taking that expense off of mine. Win-win. Everybody who ships physical goods needs the order page to have this . . . how is it 'not' present?

    With the advent of porch bandits, how are you protecting yourself against claims other than insuring the package, so who pays? And through not adding insurance ofr signature, they accept to shoulder the burden of loss.. Anybody have a customer that won't come back crying on you about a package the post office delivers and someone subsequently steals?


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