USPS options for signature confirmation and insurance




  • Kathy Sechrist

    I've wanted this for a long time. And Shipworks has told me the same thing - they can handle it, but AC must implement it first.

    Meanwhile I've set up an ugly workaround:  custom fields on the checkout page - an option that says "Signature Required for Delivery?  NOTE: If you do not choose this option, you become responsible for delivery when it leaves our shipping dock"

    CAVEAT: I'm not sure how legally binding this note is but it seems to help.

    Also, the custom fields will NOT import into Shipworks (Shipworks accepts custom fields, but not AC's custom fields!!)  so our CSR must have the Signature field visible on her order screen to glance at while doing shipping. I also set up some custom rules in Shipworks to automatically apply Delivery Confirmation or Signature in certain situations, such as high order total or brand new customer.

  • John Beech

    If I could get that workaround to also add $3 to the order when they select the tick box, it'd be great!

    Yes, the onus on us to actually 'do' it in Shipwork (e.g. manually since AC won't tell SW as part of the batch process, but whatever, better than nothing). Especially if at least the customer ponied up the $3 for the added expense to us. Yes, something of a pain in the hind end for us to have to manually (after all, aren't computers supposed to relieve of us of repetitive drudgery?) but something is better than nothing.

    Anyway, Kathy, I like your workaround. Thanks for sharing.

    Now if only someone at AC would address us instead of leaving us talking amongst ourselves. Sigh.

  • Teresa Murphy

    We need this too. We need to be able to optionally charge X for sig req and/or Y for insurance at checkout (flat fees each). More and more packages are being stolen and it's becoming a significant issue and cost sink.


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