2021.4 Release 1-4



  • Ricardo Gomez

    This was a good addition:

    New option to ignore stock status on payment links. Setting can be found in Settings > Catalog > General

  • colin

    also should allow payment links to override other limitations such as minimum order values

  • Ricardo Gomez

    Also another note, I contacted Shipper HQ because I did not see the integration on their website and they told me that is not ready:

    Thanks for reaching out! We're at the beginning stages of our partnership with Cart.com, so I do expect an integration between our two solutions. However, this is currently being built out by the Cart.com team, so I wouldn't be able to provide you with an ETA at this time.

    I'd recommend checking with your POC over at Cart.com, and see about the timing. 

    This post was from 7 months ago, is there an ETA for completion?


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