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    Jack Cravy

    Hey Matthew and Mason, 

    We updated our support article around the Colorado Delivery Fee to include the merge codes here: https://support.americommerce.com/hc/en-us/articles/7092941707803-Colorado-Retail-Delivery-Fee

    Here's a list of what we've created:


    On the One Page Checkout, $$DELIVERYTAXTEXT$$ will display the text: "Colorado Retail Delivery Fee". $$DELIVERYTAX$$ will display the rate that was calculated.

    For email templates you can use ##ORDERDELIVERYTAX##

    Hope this helps!

  • Matthew Haley

    Can you expand on the Avalara Colorado delivery fee?  I see there is now a toggle in the Avalara app to include it.  I turned it on and see that the total does include the 0.27 fee, but the delivery fee is not listed w/ tax and shipping.  Is there a merge code we need to add to our templates?

  • Mason Young

    Has the question regarding the Colorado Delivery Fee and it being displayed been answered?


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