Integrate with Zapier - Drag and drop API (53) (PD-15416)




  • Official comment
    AmeriCommerce Developer

    We are building this out now and we want to nail it!  If anyone would like to test it for us and include your business needs in the scope of our integration, please post here or email sales@ to be included in our product build and test focus group for this great integration!  We want to put real world business cases through the test!

  • Edward Sturrock
    I agree, this is a great tool, another great alternative is IFTTT, both helping to connect some dots in the online space!
  • Jan Dunlop
    any movement on this or IFTTT integration?
  • tnovak
    Is this in consideration? I'm trying to integrate with HubSpot and having Zappier would enable this without paying through the nose from a third party. Plus there are other systems that would then be available for use for your customers.
  • Tanner Clark Maxson
    Love the idea.
  • Lisa Adams

    Please do this.

  • Prasad Narwadkar

    I have built AmeriCommerce integration in Zapier. Please let me know if you would like to try it. It has three searches (customer by id and email & product by name), and three triggers (using webhooks: order placed, approved and canceled).

  • Lisa Adams

    Yes, please! How do I find it?

  • Prasad Narwadkar

    Please share your email id that you use with your Zapier account. I will invite you. Then you can see it in your Zapier dashboard and use it to create integrations (Zaps) with other apps.

    The app supports triggers and searches as shown in the image below. You can use instant triggers such as when someone places, or cancels, or approves or declines an order on your store. And also when an order is shipped and payment is processed. The data that is incoming in the trigger can be used to do something further in the Zap (like sending it to other apps that you use like email, CRM, accounting, invoicing tools or apps etc.). Possibilities are many.

  • Lisa Adams
  • Jarrett Webster

    Prasad Narwadkar, I'd love to try out your zap! jarrett @

  • colin

    I am definitely interested in testing this integration out! I love Zappier and im tired of writing my own api integrations haha. :P

  • Hanna Rodgers

    I would love to use Zapier for pulling Quantity On Hand numbers to a Google sheet as a way to "automate" making Purchase Orders. I sell many items 'on demand' meaning they can backorder and then I get the products from my vendors to fulfill the order but right now I would have to do this with an export, hand make a PO, then import Quantity on Order numbers, and import again when product is received. A zap to pull and push these numbers (add to the QOH rather than just change the number) would be a huge benefit for my workflow.

    Please let me know if this will be part of the planned integration or if you need me to help test something!

  • Jack Cravy

    Now available in all stores. Tools > Apps and Addons > Zapier.

    For more information:


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