Don't create an order when credit card is declined (84)




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    Jeff Campbell

    This should be separated into two different feature requests.


    "Give us an option in Admin for when a credit card is declined on the frontend to keep the user on the checkout screen with a notification that the credit card wasn't valid"

    This is 100% complete. See details here: 


    "Don't create an order with status 'credit declined'"

    This request should be submitted separately and could be troublesome. The issue we've run into is that several payment gateways require OrderID numbers to be sent with payment details when processing an order, meaning an order must be created before a payment can pend a transaction. We are looking at alternative options but as of now is not a planned feature.

  • Matt Lowe
    I would put it as a workflow option.
  • Matt Lowe
    I agree!
  • Ricardo Gomez

    4 years ago.... still a very good idea, specially for online orders, we usually get several orders created when the client keeps on trying to place the order

  • Jordan

    My old site before you did nto create an order until we received payment.  Same gateway, same card processing.  The only thaing that changed was Americommerce.  This was and has been one of my least favorite "features" in my move. 


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