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    Jake Madsen

    Still no way to backup content pages, custom merges, and discount methods?

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    Steve Babb

    Hello Jake. We are currently in talks of backing up discount methods but it is not implemented yet. I don't think that custom merge codes have been brought up yet, but I like the idea and will mention.

    We do have the ability to backup content pages, but it is a system admin setting currently. You can submit a support request and we can create a backup of your content pages for you at no charge.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you guys backing up all stores on servers (at least) daily?

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    Austin Smith


    This is correct. Our server host creates a backup of the entire store  each day. However, it takes some time to restore data from the backup to your store (and the restore can incur you a cost depending on the reason for the restore), so we recommend that clients create their own backups on a regular bases.

    SPOS Support

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