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    Simon Blackwell

    When I click on **"How do I know if a subscription order declined?" **no expansion text shows up.

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    Justin McCullough

    Hi Simon,

    I'll have that glitch fixed.  Here's your text:

    How do I know if a subscription order declined?

    On the subscription Orders page Orders>Subscriptions, there is a column titled "Is Renewal Payment Declined" if it says True, then the payment declined. If it says false, the payment is valid and has not declined.

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    Shawn Swisher

    This still isn't working...

    How do I know if a subscription order declined?

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    Tim Zim

    if someone purchases a subscription with Paypal, what happens?  Does the order go through?  Will a new order be placed automatically at the following subscription intervals until the the renew time comes?  If a new order goes through will it be paid for by PayPal? do we know if a subscription order is declined?  Thanks!

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