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Sending Automatic Email Messages Based On Order Status




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    Vicky Lee

    I have 4 Americommerce stores, each hosted on a separate website. Is there a way to send a store-specific email for these notifications?

    I want to include my store logo with each "Package Shipped" email, but I would need 4 separate email templates for this and it looks like there isn't a way to designate specific email notifications per store when it comes to order status. 



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    Travis Tolman

    Correct... for a multi-store where these domains are on the same install, there are no store specific settings for email notifications triggered by order status.

    You can either create new/separate order statuses for Package Shipped 1 for each store and send them a separate template.

    Or you can specify the different info based on merge codes since the values change dynamically based on the store they purchased from.

     If you need further assistance on this, please open a support ticket :)


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    Reblin, Teri

    Your instructions state: "If you do not want to send an email for a status, select NONE from the drop down."  

    I've setup a separate order status named "demo program" and set the email notification to none; however, when the order is created with this status and saved with this status, the customer still receives the default order notification email. 

    Did I miss something?

    Is there a way to suppress the initial order confirmation email based on order status?


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    Reblin, Teri

    Found my own answer (in old admin site). Go to Stores>>[storename]>> Store Settings

    The default order confirmation email can be turned off in the section labeled Email Settings. If this is turned on, it will automatically send an email when an order is placed. You have to turn this off if you want to use an order status to send a different confirmation email (or no email at all).

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    Anees Thomas

    when i try to change to order status to shipped an email is automatically generated and sent to the customer. When i try to change the order status via API, only the order status is getting changed but email is not generating and sent to the customer automatically.

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    Parker Garlitz

    Anees Thomas, we are having the same problem, did you ever get the API to fire the email?

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    AmeriCommerce Developer

    Anees and Parker,

    There is a different endpoint to use for updating order status' if you want the email to fire.



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