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Multiple Stores on one Account




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    Can you help me how to create more than one store in one account?  I dis not get any link to create one more store. Please help me.

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    Justin McCullough


    Your free trial doesn't include multiple stores by default, but we can enable this feature.  It's best if you call in and talk to Mike or Justin 800-936-9006 or you can open a ticket here

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    Nick Santini

    I have the same question, but I pay for Americommerce. How do I get access to the multiple store front setup wizard?

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    Placeholder Sales #1

    Hi, Nick!

    Your Account Manager (that's me!) needs to set that up for you.  I'm replying to your ticket with more details.  



    (800) 936-9006 x106

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    Simon Blackwell

    When orders are placed on the child store do they also show up in the parent store? 

    Is where they show up at all impacted by the payment gateway configuration, i.e. whether or not the child has its own configuration or is using that of the parent?

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    Simon Blackwell

    Can coupons created in the parent be used in the child? 

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    Simon Blackwell

    Is Shipping & Handling configuration inherited to the child?

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    Placeholder Support #5

    When running multiple stores, they are not considered parent/children of each other. They all run concurrently as separate stores that can all be managed from one console. With that in mind, you can access the orders for any other store no matter which store you are logged in to (unless your admin account has not been granted access to the other store). Their display is not impacted by what payment method was used. Coupons can be shared between stores. Some settings affect all stores while others are configurable per store. Settings such as what carriers are enabled, the account information for the carrier, as well as some markups are global and thus affects all stores. However, you can make other shipping markups, disable shipping methods, and various other settings per store. It looks like your store is running the new admin, so when you look at settings, anything that affects all of your stores will be indicated with a globe next to the individual setting or next to the setting section header if all settings in that section are global. You can change which store you are editing store-specific settings for by selecting it from the store selector at the top of the page.

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    Simon Blackwell

    Thanks for the detailed response at the Admin Console level. Very helpful! I have a couple of questions as they relate to API access. If the API is provisioned for one store is it provisioned for all under the same account? If it is provisioned for all are separate API calls required to say get orders from each store or will a single API call return orders across stores?

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    Ed Sturrock

    The API is per account, so it will work for all stores in the account.  The request will pull all orders via Order_GetByDateRange or narrow down by store via Order_GetByDateRangeAndStoreID, your call.  This gets you a collection of orders.  I prefer calling the 'PreFilled' ones (like Order_GetByDateRangePreFilled) because they have orderitems and other things already popuplated, saving some additional api calls.  There are many get variations.  Happy coding!

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    Jun Cheung

    I see there is only one way to add the manufacturers. But Is there any way to make some of them from visible to another store? Thanks.

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    Carlita Libby

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