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    Noel Sufrin

    "You will need to choose were you want the email to sent from the stores default email listed under store setting, or from the email address assigned to the user that is logged into the admin console."

    An H in "were/where" and a comma after "from" sure would make that sentence much more readable, and understandable. ;) Just sayin'.

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    Mallory Welch

    Hi Noel.

    Thanks for the feedback! I have fixed that. Our apologies for the confusion!

    Have a great day and happy selling!


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    Chris Enge

    I couldn't get this to work with the new interface. From the main page, it's Tools-->Send Email. From there, it's pretty easy to send an email to the InternalList.

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    Marvin Hankins

    Awesome stuff!

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    Marvin Hankins

    Is there a way to put a text field in the mailing list widget for the subscriber to put comments?

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    AmeriCommerce Developer


    There's no setting to add in a comment box on the mailing list widget -- that's a good idea though! Feel free to submit it as a feature request at

    SPOS Support.

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    Marvin Hankins

    I'm trying to figure out a way to capture customer's name and email address by creating "info only" customer record when they fill out a contact form so I thought using the mailing list widget might do the job if there was a comments field so I could use it as a "contact form" (the mailing list widget creates an info only customer record). Got any ideas on how I can do this?

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