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Mail Chimp Setup



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    Kathy Sechrist

    Wow - sorry to hear that Andrew. I was underwhelmed with the mailchimp integration, but now glad I didn't use it!! That's a HUGE bug.

    Others might do what I did, altho admittedly I don't get as many new subs this way as when I had it on the checkout page, at least it's working....

    I added a custom page with a subscribe form. Then on checkout page, I added a link to this subscribe form.

    I don't remember why, but I actually took it a step further and had this custom subscribe form submit to a text file on my server instead of directly to mailchimp, then I upload this text file to mailchimp about once a week.

    I'd love to put this back on the checkout page - does anyone have experience with one of the other supported lists - Bronto or CampaignMonitor perhaps? ConstantContact was pretty well integrated but just got way too expensive when my list reached 10k subscribers ($220/mo!!!)

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