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PayPal QR Code Support
1 vote 0 comments
Enable output of raw tracking number on Customer My Account and Order Confirm templates Planned
3 votes 0 comments
Add multiple items to cart via embed tools / link Answered
2 votes 5 comments
Further Modernize Customer Front End and UX Planned
6 votes 2 comments
Update and Improve Back-end Tools
2 votes 8 comments
Add Marketing/Info Modal Templates
0 votes 0 comments
Custom Admin Alert Email Notification Address - (separate from store default) Completed
3 votes 6 comments
Filter orders by inside of country / outside of country Completed
0 votes 1 comment
Auto-suggest blog post tags
2 votes 0 comments
Add the ability to feature or sticky a product review. Planned
1 vote 1 comment
Allow default layouts to be set on blog and content page specific widgets
2 votes 1 comment
Manually Remove Specific Categories from Displaying In Menu
0 votes 0 comments
Ability to group items in cart / checkout by shipping warehouse Planned
1 vote 3 comments
Override Canonical Tags
3 votes 0 comments
Display Custom Payment Methods
0 votes 0 comments
Support for review images via API Completed
4 votes 2 comments
Add a revision date to KB "List of Available Merge Codes" items when section updated
2 votes 1 comment
Hide item cost on Order Edit page Completed
2 votes 9 comments
Rule Engine - set rule expire date Planned
2 votes 2 comments
Reward Points Override Planned
0 votes 1 comment
Image formats WebP and AVIF Completed
3 votes 4 comments
Add an integration for fraud prevention using eye4fraud
2 votes 0 comments
Support for customer custom fields with Zapier integration
2 votes 0 comments
AND query on Admin Product Search Planned
3 votes 3 comments
Product Notification Report: improvements needed
1 vote 0 comments
Inactive Categories per Store Completed
0 votes 0 comments
How many of our customers are using the Google/Facebook/Amazon login feature?
3 votes 0 comments
Custom Field description
1 vote 0 comments