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List discounts as separate line items at checkout
12 votes 6 comments
Custom Shipping Methods that Calculate Rates based on Selected Shipping Provider Live Rate
9 votes 3 comments
Customize ##PARTIALSHIPPINGINFOHTML## merge code
8 votes 0 comments
Wildcard Search with part #s on View Orders Page Search
6 votes 2 comments
Better way to test email templates
6 votes 4 comments
Request: Mobile Americommerce Admin Dashboard
6 votes 1 comment
Block IP Addresses by Country
6 votes 6 comments
Option to Disable Live Design
6 votes 2 comments
Multiple Warehouses Per SKU
6 votes 3 comments
option to set sort order on specific category
5 votes 1 comment
Accessibility and ADA Compliance
5 votes 2 comments
Two-factor authentication
5 votes 0 comments
Ability to hide or turn off slides within slideshow widget
5 votes 5 comments
"hide" slide inside of slideshow widget
5 votes 1 comment
Custom Labels for C1, C2, C3 Product Flags
5 votes 1 comment
Integration with TaxJar
5 votes 2 comments
Better product search on Order Page
5 votes 1 comment
Allow 3rd party vendors to write integrations?
4 votes 2 comments
Mass Update (Reward Points)
4 votes 0 comments
Allow shipping and discount rules to use totals after discounts are applied
4 votes 0 comments
Add support for Structured Markup in Order Confirmation emails
4 votes 2 comments
Shipping Integration with Pirateship.com
4 votes 1 comment
Enable ETA Date for Variant Inventory
4 votes 2 comments
set order for line items on quote/order
4 votes 0 comments
Advanced Pricing Sale Price Indication on Order Entry Screen
4 votes 0 comments
Customer Review Image Merge Code
4 votes 3 comments
Show/Hide Slideshow Images w/dates like Coupon Codes
4 votes 1 comment
Ability to disable the popup window
4 votes 4 comments