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Ability to merge customer records and keep order/email history (22) Completed
15 votes 9 comments
Invoices as PDFs Completed
14 votes 14 comments
Add Apple Pay (20) Completed
13 votes 6 comments
Custom Shipping Method - Admin Only Completed
10 votes 9 comments
Choose Time Zone Offset & Format Rather Than Depending on "Server Time" (49) (PD-16427) Completed
10 votes 15 comments
Add Google Pay Completed
9 votes 5 comments
UPS Ground Residential & UPS Ground Commercial Completed
9 votes 11 comments
Manufacturer Logo/Image Alternate Text Completed
8 votes 2 comments
Blog Posts editor: add "Top Post Specific Widgets" and "Bottom Post Specific Widgets" Sections Completed
8 votes 5 comments
SEO setting to remove/alter "/" in item name when automatically creating custom url. Completed
7 votes 5 comments
When an order is canceled, cancel the rewards earned on the order Completed
6 votes 9 comments
New blogs post should default as hidden. Completed
6 votes 7 comments
Update Total of order when order saved - I know, it sounds like a joke Completed
6 votes 2 comments
Quote Expiration Merge to work on Quote Emails and not only the printed Quote Completed
6 votes 5 comments
search feature on custom merge page Completed
6 votes 5 comments
Add 'alt' Attribute Option For Main Blog Post Image, For SEO (PD-16425) Completed
6 votes 2 comments
Add Drip Series to Abandoned Cart Email Dropdown Completed
6 votes 4 comments
Clone Discount Codes (PD-16426) Completed
6 votes 1 comment
Saved Cart Feature (30) Completed
6 votes 5 comments
Search Autocomplete Categories go to "Actual" Category Page Completed
5 votes 6 comments
Get "From Quote #" Info in email admin header (via merge code) and Order Export Completed
5 votes 1 comment
Rule Engine - Order Level Based on Item in Order with Attribute (Any/All) Completed
5 votes 2 comments
Improved search bar funtionality Completed
5 votes 5 comments
Afterpay 'buy now pay later' payment option Completed
5 votes 8 comments
Quote PDF attachment option with Quote Email Completed
5 votes 5 comments
Convert abandoned cart to manual order (167) Completed
5 votes 14 comments
Support for review images via API Completed
4 votes 2 comments
Import/Export Custom Merge Codes Completed
4 votes 2 comments
Fix Inconsistent Date Format with $$ORDERDATE$$ and $$QUOTEEXPIRATION$$ Merge Codes Completed
4 votes 2 comments