Resize customer uploaded profile/review pics, enable routing via image CDN



  • Brian Gluck

    100%. Customer review photos can be huge; we manually resize and replace on server. Automatic use of resizer/cdn (cloudiness, etc) would be great

  • Joshua Artman

    Hey Brian,

    How are you resizing those?  FTP?

    Is there some way to know when a new file is uploaded by a customer?

    As far as I can tell there is no way to use the API to do that currently.


  • Brian Gluck

    Old fashioned way, get a notification of a new product review -> see if it has images -> download and run through -> replace on server.

    I know review images support was just added to the api so we’re going to experiment using cloudinary automatically

  • Joshua Artman

    I just realized another one that is causing file storage overage fees for us...

    We allow customers to upload files in our contact form so they can send us pics of their cars, pics of parts they are looking for, sales tax exempt forms, etc.  I just opened the "upload" folder on our server via FTP (it crashes the browser if I try to use Content > Files in the admin interface) and there are 6.5GB of customer uploaded files.

  • Joshua Artman

    I just stumbled upon another possible solution to resizing / optimizing images. offers optimizing and resizing of 500 images per month via their API at no charge:

    If you go over the 500 images, it is $0.009 (just under one cent USD) for each additional image in a given month. 

    It would be awesome if had the option to integrate with the TinyPNG API for images uploaded by staff or customers to our webstore.

    Should this be added as a separate feature request?


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