Order Events Rule: add "order balance" to conditions




  • Travis Musgrave

    Hey Colin - thanks for the feedback. For an Order events condition type and related actions, are there any other similar use cases you may need to be supported?

  • colin

    Yes actually!

    I recently discovered through a conversation with Taylor that the time based trigger does not communicate dynamically with custom date fields to match a negative offset number of days

    For example: I often take "future" orders where the customer selects the date they would like the order shipped during checkout. filling out this field causes an order to be placed as "on hold".

    What would be nice is if I could make a time based rule that compares today's date with the date in that field, and cause the order status to change to "in production" X weeks prior to that date.

    It seemed as though that should be doable with the current time trigger function, but Taylor assured me that specific scenario was not an option currently and to submit a feature request.


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