Status Update: Resizer WEBP Images Unavailable - September 26th, 2023



  • Tim

    Structured Markup would be great, but for starters, we would be pleased with e-mail templates that match the web site theme.  The fact that Americommerce has available, working, web site theme options, but completely leaves out the match design e-mail templates is weak.  Seems more lazy than anything.  Sigh!

  • Jennie Lyons

    A few more thoughts on template improvements...

    - Make it easier to create modern looking emails, such as defaulting to the store theme design (fantastic idea!) without having to pay for Cart to create "eye-popping emails"

    - Add a option to send a test sample of a template to 1 email address. "Send test email to current user" or something like that.

    - The HTML editor adds start/end fragments (in all admin sections) whenever someone makes an update. This makes reviewing HTML more difficult and sloppy. This didn't used to happen and not sure why it's necessary.


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