Further Modernize Customer Front End and UX




  • Kathy Sechrist

    I agree that it's going to take a ground-up rebuild. I chose Americommerce MANY years ago because of all the customizable features that other carts didn't offer at that time. Well, other carts are catching up, and surpassing AC in some areas.  I still think AC CAN still be a top-notch contender, just not with the current state of things.

  • colin

    This does not have enough upvotes, Is everyone truly satisfied with Americommerce's UI compared to other modern ecommerce platforms out there? I do understand though why AC is particularly difficult, with so many customizable features, I feel that because of this the UI templating would likely need a complete ground-up redesign.

    I am currently working on a custom React UI for my B2B store that addresses all of the issues I have with it, because I dont see any indication in AC's output that suggests there are major fundamental UI improvements in the works.

    I'm definitely surprised that the community isn't more on board with this concept. if not demanding sets of more modern themes.


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