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BUG FIX: Do not show products from hidden categories in any product listing



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    Kathy Sechrist

    Hidden products and hidden categories are two different things.

    I agree that hidden products should never be shown anywhere except to admins - are you seeing this? Geez... I guess I'd better check!

    Hidden categories can be used in different ways - in the past I've used them to group items I wanted to put on sale. I added the items to the hidden category as a secondary category then put the category on sale. I don't think this works any more.  At the moment, I'm not really sure how these work now. Something else to check.  :(

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    I agree with Kathy; hidden products and hidden categories are different things...  I've got some hidden categories, but I want all items to display in searches, products lists, etc., unless I specifically make the item(s) hidden

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