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Add a Printed column on order list page to show when an order's invoice or packing slip has been printed.



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    Alex Ruff

    Hi Sales Team,

    Thank you very much for the suggestion. Being able to create custom order statuses is an amazing feature for an eCommerce platform to have. I looked into creating one for "printed" orders and I could not find an option for the order status to automatically change when an invoice or packing slip has been printed.

    Changing individual order statuses to "printed" one by one after printing a batch of 100 invoices would be too time consuming for our already overworked shipping department to do, so we are looking for a fully automated way of knowing when an invoice or packing slip has been printed.

    If I missed something, and there is a way to automatically change an order's status after the order's invoice or packing slip has been printed, that would be great, so please let me know.

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    Jeff Campbell

    Hey Alex!

    Have you tried creating a custom order status for "Printed" or something else that would identify this step? 

    You might have more flexibility going that route versus a dedicated printed column.

    Let us know if this doesn't solve your issue!

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