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Shipping should always default to cheapest option unless customer chooses another option



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    Clayton P

    IMO, having an option to force the customer to select a shipping option should be a setting.  Our store defaults to the cheapest option, which makes sense, but I'd really like to have the ability to set the cart to force the customer to pick an option at checkout.

    That's the way our previous store worked and we had less issues as the customer had to make the final choice, not the system.  It is true that the customer can change it to whatever they like, but at the minimum the initial choice should be make by the customer.

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    Joshua Artman

    I would agree that there should be a setting to force the customer to choose the shipping method in Checkout.  In the cart, I am torn; defaulting to showing the cheapest method does make sense in the cart to make checking the total cost to the customer easier, but the ultimate choice of shipping methods at checkout should be made by the customer, not the system.

    We THOUGHT ours was always choosing the cheapest shipping method, until I discovered this issue.  I contacted AC support and confirmed that this is the way it works for all stores.  Once a customer goes to the cart and they calculate the shipping, a shipping method is selected for them automatically, unless that method is no longer available, the system stays stuck on that shipping method, even if the cart contents change and cheaper shipping options are available for the new contents in the cart.  This not only makes it so customers end up paying for a more expensive shipping option unless they pay careful attention, it also means that if they are price shopping, the shipping rate shown is higher than it actually would need to be.

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