Quote Expiration Merge to work on Quote Emails and not only the printed Quote




  • Official comment
    Jeff Campbell


    Should also be available on view quote as well.  We also added some new ## merges just for this for emails and pages.

    One other exciting thing is a new formatting option for many date merges, so you can control your preferred format!

  • Brian Gluck

    ** also on the view quote page (1 page checkout)

  • James LaBove

    Thanks for adding that, guys! It would be awesome too if the quote expiration merges worked on the checkout page for quote links as Brian mentioned, just to reinforce that information to customers on time-sensitive quotes.



  • Jeff Campbell

    Hey James,

    The expiration merge code should work anywhere other order merges also work. If it's not working on checkout, be sure to contact support team and they can help assist. The site you are working on may need to be updated to the most recent version.

  • James LaBove

    Ahh, thanks! I'll do some more testing to be sure I'm not overlooking anything, and if not I'll reach out to support.


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