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Improved search bar funtionality




  • Official comment
    Jeff Campbell

    When clicking on a item in auto suggest search it now automatically searches instead of requiring the extra click to "search" - hopefully this helps! 😀

    As for the other comments on this post, I'd recommend either upvoting any relevant pre-existing feature requests or making new post so we can evaluate the needs independently.

  • Brian Gluck

    I'd love to see when you click on one of the auto suggested items in the search box, it automatically executes the search instead of requiring the user to also click the search button.

  • James LaBove

    Yep, same here - seems like a modest change that would be a big accessibility boost for customers. Also on the wishlist: Some sort of avenue for modifying the look of the auto-suggested item box and entries. That's possible to a degree with CSS, but imagine having the ability to see product thumbnails within search results, e.g., without JS trickery. Food for thought!

  • Ricardo Gomez

    What about automatically adding the categories in the drop down box that have items in the search? There is the option of "Show Search By Category" but this shows all the categories, the search already can bring the categories in the CategoryList section, so it is possible to populate the categories drop down to narrow the searches

  • Brian Gluck

    awesome enhancement, thanks AC! <3


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