Better way to test email templates



  • Trevor Gonzales

    I feel you on this one. Each time I edit an Email Template, I have to go to a DUMMY order to send myself that template to evaluate how it renders on various email clients. Navigating between Email Template List and Orders is time consuming.

    Be nice if the [More Actions] drop-down in an email template had an option to send test email to either the ADMIN email or any email of your choosing.

  • Robert Preuss

    100% agree on this one, even our old outdated Opencart software we are switching from has a button "send test email" making for really quick previews.

  • Jeff Campbell

    Creating a way to send a test email to any email address specified is an easier issue to solve for than what we believe this initial post is describing. It sounds like Joel is looking for a way to populate the merge codes, for example order data, without there being data to populate. So maybe sample data populating those spots? However, we could see there being several issues with sample data because every online store is going to want unique information displayed in several ways. Creating a "one size fits all" sample data for merge code email testing would be complex. I can't imagine OpenCart doing this already but if they are, we'd love to learn more on what they are using to populate those emails.

    I would suggest making a separate feature request specifically for sending a test email to to any email address separate from this one. Then provide any feedback in it's appropriate feature request post.

    Thanks for everyone providing awesome feedback by the way - we love it!

  • Matthew Haley

    This is actually a feature that Shopify provides.  Couldn't tell you how it works, but it loads data seemingly randomly each time.


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