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Show Tax Rate (%) on Orders


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    Yo Trevor!  Hope you're doing well!  There are a variety of different factors at play here.

    If a merchant uses a 3rd party tax service, we’re not sure that we get an effective rate back from them.

    Not all items are taxable, so a single calculated rate would be tricky to calculate and may not be valuable since it wouldn't match the 'standard rate' you may expect to see. Furthermore if you use 3rd party tax and certain items are only partially taxable, the rate will be either incorrect or confusing. It would have to be displayed as a per item tax rate.

    Similarly to above, some items are taxed at different rates, so a total % again may look a bit wonky.

    Can you highlight the reason this is needed?  We can appreciate that it is nice to have if it’s there, but in what case does someone need to reverse calculate it if it’s not there?  Also, what type of experience/interface were you thinking that may resolve some of the above scenarios?

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