Blog Posts editor: add "Top Post Specific Widgets" and "Bottom Post Specific Widgets" Sections




  • Official comment
    Jack Cravy

    Released in 2021.4

  • Brian Gluck

    AGREED! Also a sidebar widget location


  • James LaBove

    Definitely a great idea - it would make a lot of sense, within blog posts, to be able to (e.g.) display a product display widget with a set of criteria specific to that blog post. Upvoted!

  • Karen

    Good grief, I had forgotten all about this request, lol...   As there hadn't been any movement on this and/or improvement of the Blog system, I converted the majority of my blog posts that require embedded product lists, to customized Category listings that display as Blog posts. Total PITA, but it's been working... *sigh*...

  • Brian Gluck

    Yeah, we have a PITA workaround in place right now as well - your original request would make my life so much more simple.


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