PUPT: Show the Version of the AmeriCommerce software your site is running in your browsers console



  • Will

    Very cool, thanks for putting that together

  • AmeriCommerce Developer

    You can also add a shortcut in chrome/edge with this javascript (a bookmarklet), this will pop up the version in a quick javascript alert in the browser when you would like to know and would have the side benefit of keeping the html out of your theme:

    javascript:(function()%7B(function()%7Bvar r %3D new XMLHttpRequest()%3Br.open("GET"%2C "%2Fstore%2Fsitemonitor.aspx"%2C true)%3Br.onreadystatechange %3D function () %7Bif (r.readyState !%3D 4 %7C%7C r.status !%3D 200) return%3Bvar data %3D r.responseText.split("%26")%3Bvar obj %3D %7B%7D%3Bfor(var i %3D0%2C l%3Ddata.length%3B i < l%3B i%2B%2B)%7Bvar key %3D data%5Bi%5D.split("%3D")%5B0%5D%3Bvar val %3D data%5Bi%5D.split("%3D")%5B1%5D%3Bobj%5Bkey%5D %3D val%3B%7Dalert("Version%3A " %2B obj%5B"Code Version"%5D)%3B%7D%3Br.send()%3B%7D)()%7D)()

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