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Order Custom Field - File Attachments




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    AmeriCommerce Developer

    Hi Brian,

    We have just added a new feature to allow custom fields of type 'File Upload' to be used as you describe. This custom field can be used anywhere current custom fields can be used and should behave similarly. We have added some more information about this new custom field type to the Custom Fields Overview KB article This feature is available in the latest versions of AmeriCommerce.

    Thank you for the suggestion!

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    Brian Gluck

    Awesome stuff; thanks for listening!

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    Brian Gluck

    When we include this field in our templates and there is no order attachment, it renders the words "Order Attachments" as a hyperlink to the stores main url.

    When there are attachments, it links to those attachments.

    Ideally, it should not render anything when there is no file attached and only provide hyperlink when there is.

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