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"Quote" to use quote text instead of order text (PD-16222)




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    AmeriCommerce Developer

    Kim & Brian, we knocked this out for you so you can take a wildly different approach with your quotes than your invoices.  We made it another theme page entirely, we also added a few new merges that allow for a link directly to the quote to be generated as well which will populate it and let them then checkout, etc.  Thanks so much for the suggestion!

    Also, Kim, great use of the page variable to get around it in the meantime, that was smart!

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    Kim Callis

    We had the same issue and got around it using conditional merges throughout the Order Invoice template:


    ##IF[status=Quote - Open]## <strong>Quote No.:</strong> ##ELSE## <strong>Order No.:</strong> ##ENDIF##

    Here's how to use conditional merges:

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    Brian Gluck


    This is what we had tried to do initially but it did not work for us with the nested/set conditional so we ended up coming up with some sort of workaround using js.

    If what you said is working for you; that is the ideal way to do it. I'll have to share with my dev and see why it didn't work for us.

    Thanks for sharing the idea; hopefully it will get utilized by others 

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    AmeriCommerce Developer

    Oh yeah, it's in version 2018.1.2309.2 or higher.

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    Brian Gluck

    Ask and ye' shall receive!

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    Brian Gluck

    I've just opened up the new template and see you use the following content:

    Quote Link (Follow link to checkout items)


    This makes sense when presented as html, but not when printed/saved as pdf.

    How would someone view the quote as html? When you follow the quote link it takes you to the checkout page. If this quote link was a shorter url (ie without authcode) it would be far more useful for a person reading it via paper/pdf.




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