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Dynamic Product Lists




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    AmeriCommerce Developer

    Hi Ricardo,

    We have added more display types to the product display widget that should be useful for you:

    • Manufacturer
    • Attribute
    • Product Status
    • eProducts
    • Subscription Products

    While we aren't planning on adding every product field to the product display widget, we feel that these new display types should cover most use cases. These are available in version 2019.1.1527.1 or higher. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Brian Gluck

    Not sure if this would work for you, but we use attributes to achieve this.

    We have an attribute for brand (manufacturer), price range, stock status etc.


    I can direct people to a landing page made up of various attribute combinations:

    here is a link to a page with All items from Brand "Da-lite" with price range "Under $200" and status of "Leaves Warehouse in 3-5 Days"


    It wont work to power various widgets, but easy to direct people to this specific url and treat as landing page


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    Ricardo Gomez

    that is a good idea that we are thinking in implementing and we will add it as a link, unfortunately as you mentioned it does not work for the widgets, just as a link to filter results

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    Brian Gluck

    Alternatively you can manage product lists via import and some custom development. I currently have a middleware (developed by ) that stores a copy of my product database and lets me create all sorts of custom exports into AC to control stock status, pricing, etc.

    You could use something like that to populate product lists via import/API based on whatever criteria you want in order to populate the widgets among countless other things.

    Reach out to them and see if they can help you; the owner, Pier is a stand-up dude and has been doing custom dev for me for a loooong time.

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    Ricardo Gomez

    Thank you for the suggestion. Currently we do work with products lists and automatic imports, but as you mentioned they need to be imported every time something changes, but that requires us to maintain 2 (or probably more lists) at a time.

    The suggestion for this feature it's so the lists are updated automatically based on the information of the product so any update we do to the products is automatically updated to the lists, this way we don't have to maintain the lists with uploads.

    The dynamic population of lists makes everything work flawlessly, 1 upload, update all the lists.


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