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Make Custom Product Statuses "Stick" Even When Using Inventory Tracking



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    Ryan Olson

    Set the product in question as "non-inventory" in the inventory tab of the product editor.

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    Chris Smithson

    Thanks for the response.

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    Reposting my previous response that may have been lost..

    Sounds like you might want to use the 'Non-Inventory' option on the product?

    Non-Inventory: No inventory is maintained for this product and inventory rules specified for this store do not apply to this product either.

    Or set the inventory levels to 999 for pre/special orders to avoid selling out.

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    Chris Smithson

    Yes. A couple of ways to work around or trick the system. Non-inventory set to TRUE seems to be the best solution. There's still the need audit periodically in case something actually is in stock due to cancelled customer special order, but it addresses 99% of the issue.


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