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Add parameters to autosearch.aspx to retrieve images, price and other product fields



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    AmeriCommerce Developer


    We'll be making a change to autocomplete results so that hidden products are no longer returned -- while we're working on that, we're going to look into adding other fields to the results. 

    If we do add the fields, at this time it would probably be just to expose the data in the results returned in the json object -- you would most likely need to tweak the js and html in your theme to take advantage of it, in other words. 

    -- Austin

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    Joshua Artman

    Hey Austin, 

    Thanks for the response.

    That would work fine for my case, I have modified the js to reformat the results anyway, so if the data is in the json returned I can just modify the js file to pull that data.

    If you guys do that, it would also be nice if you add a KB page about it. 

    Do you guys have any estimates on when you would be tackling this?

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    Ryan Olson

    It might be easier to just use the REST api. 

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    Joshua Artman

    I thought about that, I have used the REST API quite a bit.  However I did not really want to build one more thing I needed to maintain, especially when many systems offer the ability to at least show the image and price.  This seems like something many sites would want.

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