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Mod Rewrite for Attribute parameter pages



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    Shaun Farol

    I wonder if there is a way to use URL Redirects to manually do this task?

    I tried doing it for some of my own attribute filters but I couldn't get the rewrite working.


    One idea is to be able to assign slugs to attributes and use those slugs instead of IDs to make the URLs more meaningful.

    Instead of:
    have it be

    Or an a more friendly rewrite using those slugs like:

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    Brian Gluck

    I have a ticket open regarding the mod rewrites not working :(

    I like the idea of the slugs too. With the ModRewrite, Id have to have all sorts of combinations loaded into the redirect admin in order to control it; if we went with slugs we could achieve a (better) optimized url than with just attrib paramters and not need to manage any mod rewrites


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    Brian Gluck

    Problem solved by AC support. Please mark this as solved. THANKS!

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    Joshua Artman

    Hey Brian,

    Would you be willing to share how AC Support fix this for you?  It still appears that when I go to the page you referenced in your request it still shows the url as (I even went to and choose some attributes to see if that made a difference.)

    I really like the idea of meaningful attribute names in the url, but maybe that needs to be a separate feature request as from your original request that was more part of a potential solution to your main concern.

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    Brian Gluck

    They showed me a way to manually set it up using their redirection module as their instructions for that were not very intuitive.

    I'm entertaining having this done to my spec automatically by the AC dev team. If you or anyone else is interested in dev-sharing this feature, I'm sure we can make this a reality relatively quickly. 



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    Brian Gluck

    BTW- I didn't do it for the example in my dev share request

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