Custom Shipping Method - Admin Only




  • Official comment
    Jeff Campbell

    Feature Added!

  • Brian Leleux

    would also be good for shipping from our warehouse so we could choose an alternate method of shipping which we know is better for a particular circumstance, but not always optimal so we don't want it available on the front side of the site where a customer would be able to choose it.

  • Ricardo Gomez

    Yes! this would be great as even though we do not offer Expedited services in our website such as 2nd Day Air, Overnight, etc, we do offer them when we take orders manually, but those shipping methods are not available if we don't enable them for the website.

    A simple solution will be to have a check box on shipping methods that says "Show in Website", if it's active but it does not have this checked it's only available for the back end

  • Trevor Gonzales

    2-years is a long time! But this feature is still highly relevant. Please add this feature!

  • Ricardo Gomez

    This is great! Thank you.As a quick note, we created some to test it and they were not appearing until we created a rule on the shipping method, we did a generic rule for example $0 if the order is from $0 to $1000000, just because we wanted the shipping method to be available for all orders

  • Ricardo Gomez

    I want to report that this feature is not working properly for Quotes.

    The quotes are displaying the shipping methods that were supposed to be only for Admin use. A client called us asking us about the other shipping options available when she was trying to checkout and that is when we realized she was able to see them.

  • Jeff Campbell

    Hey Ricardo,

    Not sure if you were notified via support ticket, but we did fix this for quotes. 😀

    Let us know if there's any other bugs!

  • Ricardo Gomez

    @Sales Team

    This was not fixed, we sent a quote to a client and he was able to select a shipping method that was set for "Admin Only"

    Now he is demanding for us to honor the pricing - which he was not supposed to see :/

  • Jeff Campbell

    Ricardo, we'll have a support agent contact you regarding updating your site to the newest version that contains the bug fix. We hate hearing you're dealing with that. 


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