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    Jeff Campbell

    The option for an admin to choose whether an address should be commercial or residential is available in our most recent update to 2020.4



    You can use the selection to indicate the address type for any saved address and it will be sent to any shipping providers that support it and collect proper rates when used. If you leave the flag as "Default", then the store's configured address type will be used.

    For now, I'm going to mark this request as completed, however if you feel that it can be improved please let us know. As for giving this ability on the front end, it's really a different problem to solve as it brings a new set of challenges. I would encourage a separate feature request for that so it can be groomed/discussed independently. 


  • Ricardo Gomez

    This is the most simple feature that should be available in any ecommerce platform. The ability to pull both Residential/commerical rates.

    Should apply to FedEx as well.

  • ml

    Any update on this?

  • Clayton P

    Bumping this back up, would like the ability to mark a customer's shipping address (via the admin account edit) as a COMMERCIAL address, which would in theory tell the UPS / FEDEX rate pulls to price it as a COMMERCIAL address.

    I don't want the customer / client to have this ability, we've been down that road before (previous web store) and many people know that a COMMERCIAL address is a much lower rate for UPS / FEDEX and will select it, when the address isn't COMMERCIAL.

    Ideally, we could leave the main setting as residential rates and if this COMMERCIAL check box was selected on the respective customer address, it would override the top level store setting for the type of rates to pull.





  • Kathy Sechrist

    YES PLEASE! (Thank you for the bump!)

    I have a mixture of home and commercial customers, so I had to choose home to cover my costs. Then I have commercial customers complaining that our shipping rates are higher than our competitors - probably because our competitors have the ability to offer both home and commercial rates.

  • Ricardo Gomez

    We had to pay over $2k for Americommerce to work on a script to show both FedEx Ground and Home Delivery options at the same time, we are in fact stuck on having to correct the shipping when clients select the wrong option to save money (which happens often) but at least the shipping charges are now accurate.

    We do know of a solution to this issue which is to use info available already from the API from SmartyStreets which returns the RDI indicator (currently not being used by Americommerce) when they verify the address. With this data Americommerce can select whether to display Ground or Residential shipping services


    BUT... we are not paying $2k for this again, this should be a simple solution that Americommerce should integrate if they call themselves "The E-Commerce Platform With Powerful Features Already Built In" and "We Do Stuff Other Platforms Can't"

    Or maybe get enough users that want this feature and we all pay a little to get it added... I still think that Americommerce should do it themselves though

  • Joshua Artman

    I am not sure why we should need to pay for a 3rd party addon to do this... the UPS API allows for address correction (and suggestions) in 40 countries, and can set the Commercial/Residential flag:

    While validating addresses with the Address Validation Street Level API, if an error is discovered,
    the API can provide a list of potential valid addresses. Additionally, this API uses address 
    classification to determine if an address is residential or commercial.
  • secondsout

    Come on Americommerce, at least have a mod respond to this, and explain why this isn't already integrated, or why we should pay thousands, for a customer development?

  • Clayton P


  • secondsout

    The option for an admin to choose whether an address should be commercial or residential is available in our most recent update to 2020.4

    ...where do I find this setting, exactly?

  • Jeff Campbell

    Hey Secondsout,

    The setting exists when you visit a customer record and select Edit on the address you are wanting to assign a type to. If the setting isn't visible then I would recommend requesting our support team to update your site to the most recent version. 

    edit: Setting is also available on order edit. 


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