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File Transfer from other server to AmeriCommerce?



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    Joshua Artman

    Not sure if you ever got and answer on this. As far as I am aware there is no built in way to do this.  The only options that I am aware of are to use another webserver or FTP client to download the file from your suppliers ftp location and then upload it to AmeriCommerce via FTP.

    I think you could accomplish using Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Service, aka web server) built into every Windows Pro machine if you have or know someone with asp programing experience.

    This is possible, but there are some security risks and it takes some technical knowledge of FTP clients or web server languages to accomplish.

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    In case anyone sees this, I have had a script written that accomplishes this goal.  Contact me if you are interested in licensing it.


    No local computers are needed.  It's all server to server based.  It takes a files (or series of files) from your server and copies them via SFTP to your AmeriCommerce site.  Works like clockwork.

    For example, one of our suppliers updates their warehouse inventory file at 11pm.  At 11:05pm, I run the script to transfer the CSV file to a folder on my AmeriCommerce store.  At 11:15pm, I run a scheduled import to update the inventory quantities I have available for sale on my AmeriCommerce site.

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