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Add Service UpSell to Order Pages



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    AmeriCommerce Developer

    Hello everyone!


    We don't currently have a turn-key way of setting this up; however, here's a method I helped client setup in the past: 

    • Create a product for Priority Processing, and set its price to .99 centers (or whatever you want to charge for priority processing). 
    • In Catalog > Embed Tools > A Link, generate an embedded link for the product. Copy the link code. 
    • In Themes > Edit Theme > Pages > One Page Checkout > HTML Editor, paste the link code to the desired location on the checkout page. 

    Now, the customer will be able to add "Priority Processing" to the order by clicking the link you just embedded on the page.  

    If this sounds like something that will work for you guys and you would like more detail instructions, I could create a knowledge base article -- just let me know. 


    SPOS Support

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    Ken Mendelson

    Any luck finding a solution to this? I too would like to add this. I recently made a purchase on another site (Newegg) where they presented an offer just before final checkout to add their own rush handling service of my order for $2.99. I already offer Priority Mail as a shipping option but sometimes customers want to expedite the processing as well. 

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    Ken Mendelson

    Ideally the link would open a pop up (maybe use a script) that allows the customer to add this to their cart, and then somehow update the cart without having to circle back to the beginning. Otherwise a simple link will take the customer away from checkout to a product page for the added service, require them to add it to their cart, then come back to checkout. 

    One caution to keep in mind with this option is the impact on shipping charges. If you have shipping set up to calculate based on dollar amount instead of weight and that .99 cents pushes a customer into the next tier, they will also have their shipping charge increase. We use dollar instead of weight as the shipping calculation and also have a threshold for free shipping (>$39) so I need to think about how to make the added option as a product not be calculated in shipping. Otherwise the customer could game the system by adding the rush service to avoid shipping charges. 

    Another alternative I thought of is to add this as a shipping service. So in my case we offer Standard Shipping (free if >$39), and Priority Mail that has price tiers based on dollar amount. A third shipping option could be added that is Priority Mail + Rush service. Just thinking out loud here, maybe it will spawn other ideas from others. 

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    AmeriCommerce Developer



    Thanks for the reply. Those are good points.

    The embedded method I described above adds the product to the cart directly from the checkout page. The link follows the theme's add to cart setting. So, if its set to go to the cart, the customer will be taken to the shopping cart. If its set to remain on current page, the customer will stay on the checkout page. 

    Marking the product as Does not Ship will ensure it doesn't impact shipping charges. 



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