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    Marvin Hankins

    More detailed explanation of merge codes with examples of how to use them would be good. Some are explained pretty well in the "What merge codes are available?" article and some not much. So maybe go through that article and identify areas that need clarification and write a series of articles that each focus on the various types of merges.

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    Blake Powell

    i can't seem to find much on working with forms.  i see how to submit a custom form, but what about using the customers stored log in and contact info with the form, is this just some sort of merge codes as well?

    there doesn't seem to be anything about retrieving the info from the form for any of the fields either, tho this would be unnecessary should i be able to figure out how to input the customers various equipments somewhere else and they cycle thru the options when submitting the form. 

    i see how to create custom fields, but other than the i guess new login page (can't really find much on the profile creation process used by the customer either) where I'm allowed to put the fields or whether I'm able to store multiple answer to these fields, so that the customer can cycle thru what they currently want, isn't very clear.

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