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Easily identify orders from new customers?



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    Kathy Sechrist

    I've found yet another reason to see the number of orders on the order screen - it can help with fraud detection!

    We shipped a $500 order and just got a chargeback for fraudulent cc transaction.  If we were able to easily see "NEW CUSTOMER" or at least the number of orders from this customer (would have been 1) we could have given this order a second look and maybe saved ourselves quite a bit of money.  I'm afraid that my new advertising efforts mentioned above are also bringing in new fraudsters.

    I use and utilize their fraud detection suite. There were no flags on this order.

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    Ken Vale



     I was able to create such a report, and export to use in Excel. (Thats the trick right there)


    Go to Customers in your dashboard.

    Now do the drop down for Search Options, and fill on the days you want to cover. Created After and Created Before.

    Then scroll down and Select the drop down for Active Layout Select Edit Current Layout., make sure Register Date is Selected, I also select Orders, this lets me see abandoned cart info.

    Export that bad boy to Excell and Waa Laa.


    I also use same setup to view returning customer orders, I just use months back rather than just by week.

    Hope that help!


    Now if you figure out to add products order by line item by Customer to this report let me know. 



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    Ken Vale

    Bummer to hear you got scammed.

    It happens once you pop up on the radar,  Once you pop up and they took ya, you can be darn sure they will be coming at ya again.

    Here are a few of our steps to combat the fraud orders.

    Take note of email address used, we used to get fraud orders from emails from @myway.

    Shipping address and Billing address different states.

    Shipping address is a UPS store or Hotel. they like to have items delivered to a UPS store repackaged and sent to wherever.

    Any order over $450 gets extra looking at.

    We check IP address origins of orders over $450.

    Every week I go and Block IP ranges of anything overseas, we only ship in the US and only Target US prospects, somebody from the Ukraine visits site, I block the whole IP range.

    This helped out a lot, I found many visitors where coming from refer sites, so some websites from the Ukraine are linking right to us, no Good. 



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    Kathy Sechrist

    Thanks KP - your excel method is a better refined one than mine (I just started messing with this) so I will certainly try it.

    That said - this is how I can count new customers.

    But there's still no quick and easy way for my CSR to spot new customers other than hovering over the customer in the order screen.  I'd love to be able to pull the customer's number of orders into this screen, so anything with a "1" would get a second look.

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    Ken Vale

    If you save the Layout that you used for Customers I mentioned above, (You might have to do this for each user profile.)

    When you click on Customers, Sort by newest ontop, you will see Date Registered, and under Orders 1.

    So if you have 20 orders today, and 3 are new customers, when you go to Customers, you will see the newest Customers on top, with a 1 and date registered, with a cool new Customer ID.

    Open Orders in new tab, and then match em pretty quick that way.  Just Make sure in Orders the in the layout you have Customer ID displayed.


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