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    sam oleske

    I have thought about doing something like this before, but then you have to trust that the customer is being honest if they are residential or need lift gate service. If I were the customer on your checkout page and I live at a residential address and need lift gate service, I wouldn't check either of the boxes and save myself $100. Then you get hit by the freight company after the fact for the residential and lift gate service charges.

    After realizing this, I wondered if you could put in a notice somewhere that if they don't select the lift gate/residential check boxes and they do in fact need those services then you will charge them the $100 on the same card that they placed the order with, that may help prevent customers from doing what I said above. I'm wondering what other people are doing as a solution to this, hopefully we hear from more users.

    But to answer your question, my suggestion would be to create a few different custom shipping methods and setup custom shipping rules to calculate the cost. Your custom shipping methods could be something like:
    -Best-Rate Freight; Commercial address w/loading dock
    -Best-Rate Freight; Commercial address w/o loading dock
    -Best-Rate Freight; Residential Address(no liftgate needed)
    -Best-Rate Freight; Residential Address(liftgate needed)

    How you would setup the shipping rules could be by region and weight of the item. so for example you get a freight quote for shipping a product that is 0-150 pounds, 151-250 pounds, 251-400 pounds, etc (including the pallet weight) for all of the above shipping options then assign the custom rules/methods to your products.

    I did this by getting freight quotes for the farthest state away from me then assign that cost to several other states so you can make a 'region' Hope that makes sense, it's a good amount of work but once it's set you know your freight charges will always be correct. Basically what I said would give the customer those 4 custom shipping methods in the shipping option drop-down box.

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    Steve Hull

    I agree with the most of the first answer. Customers think they are getting away with something by not clicking "residential" and will yell about "lift gate" too. We do a lot of custom products where they ask for custom but "forget" to click the button to pay extra for it.

    Much easier for you to add both lift gate AND residential to each order in shipping. Now at the checkout, maybe give a $50 discount for "NO LIFT GATE" (use a Coupon code) this way they are positively clicking that <U>they do not want a Lift Gate.</U> Add residential to everything!

    More times than not, the customer is in a remote, rural or residential zip or area (new construction). The few times you do collect extra will be eaten-up by the extra remote or rural charges your carrier will spring on you. For instance, industry standard is $125 for lift gate nationally on top of rural/residential etc.

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    Ricardo Gomez

    that's what we had to do, create multiple custom shipping methods which includes the same rates but a surcharge for Residential / Lift gate and a note on our website stating that they must select the correct shipping charges in order to avoid delays and corrections to the orders.

    We made this very clear, people still try to get lower rates by selecting the lower rates but we call them and correct the order since it's stated on the checkout page and the order confirmation, we have not had a problem people accepting the extra charges since they know from the beginning that they are trying to cheat.

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