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What are 'Customer Favorites' and 'Customer Product Lists' in Carousels



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    Mallory Welch

    Customer Favorites

    Displays a list of the most frequently order items for the current customer. If a customer is not logged in then the list will be blank.

    Customer Product Lists

    Displays a Product List associated with the current customer.

    Hope this helps!


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    Blake Powell

    how does a customer associate themselves with the products on the list,

    also what is category product list, i added it to my home page, selected a category that i created a product in, but all i get is no records available for category product list. 

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    AmeriCommerce Developer


    Thanks for the post. 

    Customer product lists are designed so that store admins can create lists tailored to customers. To do this, first create a product list in Catalog > Power Features > Product Lists. Then, go to Customers > Edit Customer > Marketing and select the product list you just created in the Product List dropdown on the customer's edit screen. 

    Now, when the customer logs in and views the page with the custom product list widget, they'll see their product list displayed in the widget. 


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