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Edits Not Reflected on Site



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    AmeriCommerce Developer

    Sounds like you may be experience server-side caching. Most things in the system clear themselves when changes are made but like you're seeing that's not always the case.

    If you're logged in to the admin in the same browser (sounds like you are) you should see a Clear Cache popup show in the top right. This is for server cache.

    There is also a menu item via the Live Design menu (Heart) > Theme Edit > Clear Server-side Cache

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    David Mioduszewski

    Thanks for the response - I do not see the "Clear Server-side Cache" when I go the Theme edit, nor do I get the Clear Cache in the popup (mine is on the left side). I was set up as an Administrator, but for some reason I am not getting those.

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    Nexta Brands Staff

    Clear your cache (Ask support about it).

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    Steve Hull

    This has been a new issue since the new themes and backshop were rolled out. You will also see this when updating a product description and viewing it across several websites most of the sites will be immediate but some will lag.

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