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Hidden Shipping Methods




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    Sales Team

    Hey Bryan,

    Admin Only shipping methods were released in 2020.1 Release 5!


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    Kathy Sechrist

    I think this is a GREAT idea and I'm about to check voting for this and add votes!

    We tried allowing customers to ship using their UPS or Fedex account, but had to stop it when WE got stuck paying the bill after the customer refused to pay it (it happened with two different customers!)

    As a result, we have a few long-term loyal customers that we allow to do this, but we take their order by phone, and there's no good way to accurately put in the shipping method. Temporarily enabling the method for the order is far too troublesome.  :(

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    Nicholas Delladio

    I am having a similar issue. We have custom shipping methods for a particular Customer Type (this type is a majority of the customers) that should only be accessed by admins when creating an order. However, the custom shipping methods are shown at the cart and checkout for those regular customer types - granted the shipping options are more for backend use as they would add $9,999 to the cost...

    A potential 'workaround' I found would be as follows:

    1. Create a new "Customer Type" that would be assigned to admin users
    2. Set the Custom Shipping Options to ONLY be available to that customer type
    3. Admin users with the new "Customer Type" should now see the custom shipping options and regular customers should see the default shipping options available to them, excluding the Custom Shipping options

    To make this work, each admin user would have to be set up as a customer as well with the new Customer Type. Is this a way that it could work?

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