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Import Size Limitations?



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    Justin Murphy

    Hi Andrew -


    It seems to largely depend on how many columns you have. We have found that with around 15-20 columns, we try to keep to about 5,000 rows. 

    If you only have a couple of columns, you might be able to do larger chunks.

    If you are working with less or more columns, you may need to experiment.


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    AmeriCommerce Accounting Team

    The newest versions, 2013.4+ that has the new admin can support very large files although there are some limits if you use Microsoft Excel specifically.  I want to say that is like 65k rows or so.  Additionally, in 2013.5+, our even newer version, we added Pause and Resume capabilities to imports!  This allows processing HUGE files, and if the app recycles or anything, or if you push 'pause', it will pick up exactly where it left off!  Neat right!  Let us know how all this works because we value import and export challenges highly.

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    Andrew Broughton

    Great information. To the Support Agent, you said "if you use Microsoft Excel", if I used something else would the limits go away? if yes, what else would I use for importing?



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    Placeholder Support #5

    It looks like Excel 2007 and 2013 has expanded the limits to 1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns.


    From what I can tell, the open source alternative LibreOffice has the same limits with its version 3.3.3 (pre 3.3.3, the limit was was about 65k while 3.3.3 and later has a limit of 1,048,576). Unfortunately, I cannot find official documentation to confirm that, its just based on various forum questions on their website.

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