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How to modify/customize invoice & packing slip forms?




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    Bryan Faux

    I would like to be able to do this as well. I have already created a few custom fields and would like to see the info print onto the packing slip to help our shipping department process and ship the order as quickly as possible. I have been looking around on the dashboard and cannot seem to find an area that allows for me to do this... Any help that anyone has on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Carol Mackin

    Very important for B2B Purchase Order numbers and packing and shipping instructions

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    Placeholder Support #5

    The mergecode to display a custom field is as follows:

    • ##ORDERCUSTOMFIELD[FieldName]##

    Simply choose which to use based on whether is is a product, customer, or order custom field. Then, place the name of the field inside the brackets instead of FieldName. Once finished, that mergecode will display the relevant value of the custom field. Then, use the following article on where to go to edit these pages and place the custom field in the HTML Layout of the page:

    Note: Order custom fields should show up on this page if you are using the default layout. If you are using a product custom field, you must place it within the ReceiptItemTable  table on the page so that is repeats for each item.

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