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Fattmerchant integration



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    They already work through Autherize.NET, they are a standard ISO, the API you listed is for removing the software out of PCI scope. 

    Data gets sent directly to the gateway with javascript and they respond with proper CORS (used to be JSON-P) with a token that gets posted to the merchants server. Thereby bypassing any payment data hitting the merchants server.

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    Jeff Campbell

    Hey Dan,

    I would be shocked if it was cheaper than what we're offering with AmeriCommerce Payments powered by PayPal. We negotiate very heavily with payment providers with our entire book of business/volume that we represent in order to get the lowest rates possible to pass along to customers like yourself. All the way down to 2.3% plus 0.30 per transaction with no monthly fees. For reference, Stripe charges 2.9% across the board. charges monthly fees for simply gateway access while your processing fees are normally much higher than even Stripe (depending on who you use for processing the actual payments).

    Based on our experience and negotiations with payment providers, it should be unheard of for a merchant selling less than 4M in annual volume to get a cheaper rate than AmeriCommerce Payments. In those high volume cases, we actually work with PayPal and our customer to negotiate custom rates for the merchant even lower than 2.3.

    Plus, AmeriCommerce gets a rev share as part of it as well which helps us build cooler stuff like feature requests, new integrations, etc. Use AC Payments!


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